Jim Brown + b4 films credits

Star Search - 480 Episodes
Don’t Give up your Day Job - Series
Roy and HG’s Bughouse - 2 Seasons
Vanessa meets - Series
Talking Loud – Series
The Warehouse - 2 Seasons
Get Fresh - 2 Seasons

Hogmanay from the Hanger
Run the Gauntlet - Series
All Fright on the Night
A Musical Journey – Series
Scotch and Irish – Series
A Touch of Music - Series
Wemyss Bay 902101 - 100 Episodes

The Video Show - 3 Seasons
Local Heroes – Series
Pure Strength -3 Seasons
The Astrology Show – Series
Wet Wet Wet in America
That’s her Again (BAFTA)

UK Game Shows

Countdown - 5 Seasons
The Wildlife Quiz – Pilot
Bruce Forsyth’s Price is Right - 3 Seasons
Upshot – Series
Sale of the Century - 420 Episodes
Beauty and the Beasts – Series

Jeopardy - 3 Seasons
P’s and Q’s – Pilot
Going for Gold - 4 Seasons
Jeremy Beadle, Born Lucky – Series
Press your Luck - 2 Seasons
Chain Letters - 2 Seasons

Is That It – Series
The Hit Man – Series
Split Second – Series
The Video Jukebox - 2 Seasons
Bring me the Head of Light Entertainment - 5 Seasons (Silver Rose Comedy Award, Montreux)
In the Dark - Series

International Game Shows

Win Your Weight in Gold - Series
Hop Oder Top – Series

Ruk Suk – Series

Questionario Millionario – Series

Chat Shows

Vanessa - 4 Seasons
The Time…The Place - 3 Seasons

Trisha - 1 Season
Guilty - Series

The Ladies Room - Series
Scottish Women - 2 Seasons

International Drama and Documentary

Building the Biggest
Underground in Singapore

The Diamond Hunters
The Battle of the Rollercoaster’s

Black Gold
The International Space Station, Out of this World

US Films

The Names Bond, Sean Connery
The Child Star, Valerie Bertinelli
Hopelessly Devoted, Olivia Newton John
Daniel Craig, The 21st Century Spy
I Was the Worlds First Super Model, The Twiggy Story
I Want To Break Free, The Real Freddie Mercury
Wild Boys, Duran Duran

A Family Affair, Behind Closed Doors with Fleetwood Mac
Can One Man Change The World? Bob Geldof
From Nutbush to the City Limits, Tina Turner
The Diva, Aretha Franklin
When the Music Stops, Bono
Love and Haight in America, Grace Slick, 60's icon
Girl Power, The Spice Girls

Do You Really Want To Love Me? Boy George
Never Mind The Bollocks, The Story of The Sex Pistols
Faith, The Real George Michael
The Dictator, The Rise and Fall of Augusto Pinochet
Walking in the Shadows, Brunei Built on Oil
The Real Pirate of the Caribbean

US Drama and Documentary

Great Estates Scotland - Series
The Hollywood Dream chasers – Series

90 Days in Hollywood - Series

Weddings Unveiled – Series

Factual Entertainment

Great Estates Scotland - Series
Good Driver – Series
Soap Secrets – Series

Everything Must Go - Series
Under the Hammer - Series

Heroes and Villains – Series
National Theatre Awards